Testimonials: Personal trainer reviews in Merritt Island

Diana K

Hi, my name is Diana, and by any account I would have to be considered one of Brevard County’s most accomplished lady golfers, all ages. This was not always so, after multiple unsuccessful attempts in 2005, ‘06, and ’07, I hired A World of Fitness with Mark Miller in Feb. 2008 to help improve my game, AND IMPROVE I DID. After joining Baytree Country Club in Dec. 2006 and with help from trainers at A World of Fitness I won the ladies Baytree championship in 2008 and 2011. It keeps getting better. I became a member of Rockledge Country Club in Nov. of 2011 and in Jan. of 2012 won the ladies championship. In Apr. 2012 I won best gross at Lacita Country Club (ladies upper east coast league). Not to mention gross and net wins on various courses throughout Brevard. With the personalized golf specific training that I receive at A World Of Fitness with Mark Miller, I will remain competitive until I am ready to give it up. And by the way, my drives increased by some 20 yards. Come meet me any time and I will share with you how it can work for you.

Theresa Waggener

I have been a client at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller for over three years and find the environment to be personally oriented, very friendly and extremely clean.
Mark Miller is focused on my overall health, encouraging me to meet my exercise goals, as well as tailoring my thrice weekly visits when I have any physical limitations.
I would encourage you to make a commitment to experience the results for yourself.

Bruce and Doris Davidson

Dear Mark,

Bruce and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary of working out with you at “A World of Fitness”.  We want to thank you for your kindness and expertise.  During these past five years we have learned a great deal from you and feel we are better persons because of you and your staff.  When Bruce retired in 2008, he wanted to work out and our careful hunt for the perfect place, took us to you.  Your immaculate studio was one of the reasons we became clients.

When we started with you in 2008, Bruce had just lost 90 pounds and I had lost 30.  I was not too thrilled to be signing up to exercise twice a week but Bruce went ahead and agreed to a 6 week program.  I did not have a proper outfit to wear and couldn’t get myself off the floor or sometimes out of a chair without help from someone else and that is very dangerous.  I was quite frightened and embarrassed.  Today we continue to work out twice a week, I have outfits to wear and always, “always” get myself up off the floor.  I also want to thank you for the balance training, as we aresenior citizens. We have completed over 400 sessions to date and plan to continue until we are unable to walk.

During this past 5 years we have come to realize how important it is to change the way we eat. Your Certification from Cornell University in Nutrition has been invaluable.  We now choose organic vegetables and fruit, we have learned about the pharmaceutical grade supplements and the type of protein we need.

Mark, you are a remarkable man. You are extremely intelligent, yet very aware of the personal needs and abilities of each client. You provide an ever changing routine for each session, we are never bored, just exhausted. You surprise us each visit with new methods and approaches.  Today’s workout was very difficult and different, but most rewarding.

And finally you treat us with such kindness and compassion; you are flexible and what I like best, organized.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us,

Rick Waggener

If you are truly ready to improve your health, you could have no better advocate than Mark Miller. I recommend him without reserve. He will help you improve your weight, muscle tone, balance, coordination, and aerobic capacity. He has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and exercise that he will use to help you meet your healthy goals. Do not expect him to be a diplomat- if you eat pop tarts like an 8-yr-old, expect him to call you on the carpet! I think we all need a friend who's honest enough to tell us that, and Mark is that potential friend. He cares about people. If you are serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle, this is absolutely the place for you. If you have reservations, feel free to contact me. My only connection to Mark is that which he has done for my wife and for me.

Raelene L.

I started personal training with Amy in the beginning of December. I love the one on one and the fact that it is just a gym for personal training. She's flexible with my schedule and my workouts are always different. I highly recommend this place!

Joseph M.

Mark Miller is a man of principle, determination and discipline who also leverages his natural charisma and humor for one purpose: profound results! Many within our community hold Mark in the highest regard, while many more can attest to how his commitment to his clients have yielded life changing results. People get healthier and discover their confidence again, thanks to Mark's approach to fitness and wellness. As a resident and business owner on the Island, I can highly recommend Mr. Miller's work ethic, professionalism, fun-loving spirit and passion for his work to anyone desiring to reclaim their vitality! Mark is the "real deal" without gimmicks or false promises…yet commits himself to climbing that mountain with you every step of the way!

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