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As a business owner why should I consider a healthy office plan at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller? Answer, because you may have a healthy looking portfolio, but your office and staff may be dangerously ill, which can cost lives, and thousands of dollars.

A major benefit to employers that institute a healthy office plan is that one can expect a 65% reduction in sick calls from employees, regardless of group size or length of study.

This is for all owners, presidents and CEO’s that provide medical insurance to their employees. It is estimated that nearly 75% of all claims made on insurance by your employees is directly attributable to life style choices. And if that is not enough, around 10% of all employees that under go their first visit basic bio-metric screening, (blood pressure, glucose, b.m.i., etc., require emergency or same day medical care for an underlying illness that was previously unknown.

 These numbers are not made up, it comes directly from the National Institute of Health. At A World of Fitness with Mark Miller we have a proven track record of success in changing the mind set in any given office setting from one of illness promoting choices to one of health promoting choices. In addition i have spent years perfecting our world-class personal training studio that provides a semi-private environment in which your employees can exercise and council one-on-one with their personal trainer. 

Here at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller we have saved businesses tens of thousands of dollars on insurance claims because of the improved health of their employees and the healthy choices they now make.

Bottom line, healthier employees are more productive, make less sick calls, and reduce medical insurance claims.

  • Identify High Risk Individuals
  • Improved Health = Improved Productivity
  • 65% Reduction in Sick Days
  • Increase R.O.I: For every dollar you as an employer invest in your employee's health & wellness, there is a $7.00 return. (National Institute of Health)
  • Prehab can be as much as 1,000 times less expensive than rehab!
  • Fit middle-age adults have medical cost that are 38 percent lower later in life, compared with their unfit counterparts. (Cooper Institute)

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