Most of us barely have enough time to make it to our favorite gym and when we get there, we try and cram all our cardio and weight training into the same session, and that’s ok. Here is a guideline that will help you get the most out of your time in the gym.  Do your weight training first, this is very important. Remember your goal is not to loose weight but loose fat. It is in your best interest to take every measure possible to support muscular development. The unwanted weight will take care of it self.  During a weight training session we burn about 80% glucose and about 20% fat, during a cardio session we burn just the opposite, 80% fat and 20% glucose. Initially you may think that I have numbers switch around but this is not the case and here is why. If you chose to do your cardio first you run the risk of depleting some of your storage of glucose that would best be used for your weight training, if you chose weight training first you would have depleted almost all of your glucose storage so when you did your cardio you would be burning almost all fat, and that is what you want.

I am not trying to minimize the importance of cardio because as we all know it is very important. But for purposes here I am trying to maximize the importance of weight training. During a weight training session you want to encourage safely the most microscopic damage you can, because the body uses fats not sugars to repair itself. Most of this repair and fat usage by the body occurs at night when we are asleep. So in a very real sense this muscle you create during weight training acts as a silent training partner working on your behalf to help you loose fat.

When doing a typical cardio session in a gym you are only burning calories while you are on the apparatus and for short while after. On the other hand, after completing a robust weight training session you will burn calories 24 to 48 hrs. After the session is over in repair mode. So you see, weight training is the gift that keeps on giving, long after you have left the gym.