Your Personal Trainers at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller

Your Personal Training Team at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller

Here at A World of Fitness with Mark Miller, we don’t just stop at “Wellness”, we strive for “Optimal Health” ( a high functioning state, that is not only achievable but sustainable for life). Call today for your “FREE” fitness session , it will change your life 459-1709!

Studies show that the pattern of jumping from one diet to the next in an attempt to lose weight is doomed to fail. As Psychologist call this phenomenon “escalation of commitment to a failing course of action”. I have witnessed this first hand and have searched for the answer to this dilemma. Having dedicated nearly 30,000 hrs of my life towards finding a solution for you, I have found “a successful pathway” to your improved health. I am here to share this information with all that struggle with their weight.

Are you tired of illnesses great or small, are you stuck on the medical merry-go-round and can’t seem to get off because you let your health get so bad that you expect your doctors to unravel 10, 30, or even 50 years of bad behaviors. Well if that sounds like you then we can help to regain control of your health.

A World of Fitness with Mark Miller, LLC. is a state of the art personal training studio like no other. From the moment you enter our studio you will feel not only welcome, but you will have a great sense that you have made the right decision by walking through the door. It is not only a place where clients can exercise and counsel with their trainer in a semi-private environment, but it is also a place where future personal trainers can perfect their skills working side by side with multi-credentialed trainers.

You might ask, “Isn’t personal training expensive?”
What is your quality of life worth to you? Can you even quantity it? Let’s put it another way. If you were to loose the use of one of your limbs or an organ system because you didn’t take care of yourself, how much would you be willing to pay to get it back?

This is a “Personal Training Studio”, not your typical gym setting where trainers are offered as a side service. At A World of Fitness with Mark Miller, our trainers ARE the service. We provide Concierge Level Training that is unique to our studio. ALL in house active trainers are hand picked and approved by me. At my studio you always get two trainers for the price of one. Studio hours of operation are schedule driven by clients needs.